Kensington Tours creates personalized trips based on your preferences. This means no two trips are the same.

Enjoy private-guided travel around the world

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At Kensington Tours, we help you see the world, differently. We create fully personalized and privately guided journeys based on your preferences and travel wishes, which means no two trips are the same. Our expertise in over 100 countries worldwide across all seven continents means we take on all the complexities and logistics of planning your trip, so you can simply enjoy.

From culturally immersive experiences and culinary delights to exclusive access and unique places to stay, we make it happen. In each destination, local private guides take it one step further by helping you authentically experience your destination. And along the way, you’ll have access to 24/7 support, should you ever need it.

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Kensington Tours is simply unmatched at creating privately guided journeys that are fully customized to your needs and interests. We cater to an extremely broad range of personal reasons for traveling and have carefully curated a number of special collections that help you discover the meaningful and satisfying travel experience that’s right for you. As you browse these collection highlights, please keep in mind that each itinerary is individually tailored. No matter what you desire for your next journey, talk to us to see how we can make it simply unforgettable.

Our Special Collections include:

  • Beyond Villas
  • Epic Drives
  • Epicurean Collection
  • Family Collection
  • Personal Heritage Journeys
  • Safari
  • Voyages by Kensington Tours
  • Yachts by Kensington Tours

Video: Beyond Villas by Kensington Tours